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Darkness. It's been about a year, by his count, since the sun stopped rising. Not that Ignis would see anything if it did; he'd been blinded in Altissia before the sun vanished and even in the few precious hours of daylight then he'd seen nothing. Not even a glimmer of light. At times he thought his personal darkness lightened from endless black to a muted charcoal, but he constantly dismissed that as an illusion of his mind.

The only source of time for him comes in the form of alarms pre-set on his phone (by the ever-helpful Prompto) and in the semi-regular visits of his former companions. Though the three of them are still friendly with one another, they no longer travel together. Prompto alternates between sticking around Hammerhead and daemon hunting while Gladiolus spends most of his time simply hunting daemons. As for Ignis, he stays in Hammerhead. He's started working with Takka to regain his culinary skills and he's begun chatting more often with the hunters and refugees that make their way through. When Gladio does come to Hammerhead, Ignis spends a few hours a day training with him. He may not go out to hunt, but he refuses to be useless in a fight. And he still has some hope that Noctis will return.

Today Ignis is alone. Prompto went with Gladio to Lestallum and Takka is off doing whatever he does when he's not working in the diner. Finishing his morning routine, Ignis ventures out of the caravan (he refused to call it home) to sounds of confusion, uncertainty, fear, and he quickens his pace towards the source. It must be something indeed, for no one even notices his arrival and he finds that navigating a sea of bodies while blind is not an easy task when one is unnoticed in favor of whatever strange new thing that's caught everyone's attention.

Apparently it's a person, if Cindy's words are anything to go by. Using his ears to gauge where the blonde is, Ignis moves towards her intent on welcoming the newcomer and perhaps take the edge off of being met with such suspicion and hostility. Before he can get a word out, he hears the growl of an engine and quite suddenly finds himself knocked off-balance by someone who sounds a bit panicked (if their breathing is anything to go by). Staggering, he reaches gloved hands out both to steady himself and in an attempt to find some part of this person to hold onto. Fingers find a slim wrist and close gently around it. Their pulse is positively racing and Ignis feels a pang of worry. Did something follow the truck? Could that be what this stranger is reacting to strongly to? But if something was there, surely Cindy would have seen it. Unless she wandered off with the crowd...

Calling forth a dagger in his free hand, he pulls the petite frame of what he now suspects is a woman (if the slender wrist and long hair is any indication) closer to his chest. Her back to his front, he can feel the pounding of her heart. This stranger's fear, practically terror, does something to him and, despite not knowing what has her so frightened, he urges her to get behind him.

"Please, get behind me and tell me what you see. Did something follow the truck?" His voice is low, pitched as much to calm her nerves as it is to command. Old habits die hard, apparently.
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