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The Devil's Road is perilous and it's easier than even the most seasoned traveler would want to admit for himself and anyone else to get lost in, for certain, but Cecil has taken the Road many times before and by the grace of all things good on the Blue Planet, has never managed to get herself turned around on any of these excursions. Imagine her surprise then, when she emerges from her journey through the dimensional gap to someplace she's very sure she's never been before.

The ghostly blue flames outlining the portal door dissipate and soon the rock they were carved in no longer holds any signs of anything ever having been there. Where she expected sand and ocean, there is only dirt and dust and thin, petrified things she thinks were once trees. Above, the night sky holds only one moon.

No, this is certainly not Mysidia. But worse yet, she's not even sure it's her world at all.

Unable to reopen a door to The Devil's Road now, Cecil has no choice but to travel on foot and see if she can find help. She isn't too surprised to encounter monsters, but she is surprised that the monsters seem more terrifying than the run-of-the-mill beasts she was expecting. Horrible demons and the undead just out wandering the planes is unnatural to her, and even the fire bombs don't look quite normal to her, with their sickly pale blue glow and menacing glares. For her, they don't serve much trouble, but it's enough to tell Cecil that something is terribly wrong with this land. Everything seems either corrupted by evil or dying, so when at last she finds what looks like a small compound out in the wilderness by these strangely paved roads that are apparently common here, she's a little relieved to be in some light, even if it's artificial.

The people at the gate of the compound don't trust her and she can't blame them. She's dressed quite differently from them and even on her world, she's a somewhat eerie sight to behold if someone doesn't know what they're looking at. Her snow white skin and platinum silver hair never fail to turn heads, but this is a little different. She can tell in their eyes, even if they don't outright say it: they think she's a threat to them.

Eventually, a blonde woman, wearing less clothes than even most mages at home wear, comes around and vouches for Cecil for reasons she doesn't quite understand. She calls herself Cindy and Cecil tells her she's indebted, though the woman insists she can pay her back by putting in a little work around the compound. They call it Hammerhead. Eventually, the crowd disperses some and though Cecil can still feel their eyes on her, she's content to let them watch her from afar while she watches the monsters prowling beyond the gates, trying to understand what this all means and she's going to find her way home.

She's so focused on her thoughts that the low rumbling of something that sounds big approaching the gates sends her into a little panic. She backpedals away from the metal fence fast— and right into some unsuspecting native. And that's right when the thing causing that rumbling comes speeding past the gate, outright roaring, and Cecil's too frightened to do anything but try to protect the poor man she bumped into from the steel beast as it comes screeching to a halt at the gate.


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